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Violent crimes are severe offenses that require immediate and effective representation because your rights, future, and freedoms are on the line. With the help of a skilled violent crimes lawyer in West Palm Beach, you may be able to avoid consequences such as prison time and fines.

 At The Pakett Law Group, PA, we are proud to offer effective and reliable representation to our clients after a violent crime charge. When you work with West Palm Beach violent crimes attorney Brian Pakett, he will take the time to listen to you and create a strong defense for your case.

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Understanding Violent Crimes in Florida

Crimes that are considered violent often involve serious bodily injury, harm, or death to a victim. Prosecutors will do everything in their power to ensure that offenders receive the most severe penalties for their charges, so it is essential that you protect yourself with a personalized defense. 

In Florida, violent crimes can include:

  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Sexual assault
  • Vehicular crimes

Severe Penalties for Violent Crimes in Florida

Any violent crime carries a mandatory jail sentence, but some factors may increase your penalties. Prosecutors will look into aggravating factors, premeditation of the crime, the injuries to the victim or victims, if weapons were used in the crime, such as a gun, and other factors unique to each case to determine how they think you should be sentenced.

One important thing to remember is that Florida recognizes capital punishment as a justified penalty—and Florida statutes recognize aggravated assault and murder as capital crimes. Regardless of the type or severity of the violent crime you were charged with, it would be best if you took immediate action to protect your legal rights and freedoms. Reach out to The Pakett Law Group, PA, immediately to learn how we can fight for you. 

Get Immediate Legal Help for Violent Crime Charges

After an arrest, you need to discuss your case with a trusted West Palm Beach violent crime attorney. The sooner you have our team on your side, the sooner we can begin developing a personalized defense for your case that will hold up in court. Violent crimes are serious, and your future is on the line, so you need to act fast and in your best interests. Serving Lake Worth, Wellington, Delray Beach, and beyond.

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