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If you or your child has been accused of a crime, it is essential to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you have someone on your side, the better your chances of overcoming the charges against you. Also, the sooner we can begin investigating your case to find any weaknesses in the prosecutor’s evidence and present a compelling defense on your behalf.
At The Pakett Law Group, PA, our skilled West Palm Beach juvenile crime lawyer has helped many juveniles and their families. We are ready to help you and your family now. Contact us online or call 561-318-0531 today!

Understanding Juvenile Court Proceedings in West Palm Beach

When a juvenile is accused of a crime, the matter will be handled in juvenile court. This is a court that is specifically designed to handle cases involving minors, and the rules that apply to these cases are very different from those applied to adult cases. For example, a juvenile’s record is often sealed once the case is over so that the juvenile cannot be penalized for a mistake they made when they were young. Additionally, a juvenile cannot be sent to prison for a crime but may be sent to a secure facility.

In general, the goal of juvenile court is to rehabilitate the juvenile and set them on the right path. This means that the court is generally more lenient towards juveniles than adults, and a skilled juvenile crime attorney can use this to their advantage.

Comprehensive Defense for Juvenile Crimes in West Palm Beach

Our firm has experience in defending against juvenile crimes, including:

We can help you fight any juvenile crime charges you or your child are facing, and we will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. We can help you fight your charges, keep your juvenile record clean, and help you move on with your life after your case is over.

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    A conviction for a crime as a juvenile can have lasting consequences for years to come. If you have a criminal record, you may not be able to get a job or go to college, and you may not be able to get financial aid, government grants, housing, or food stamps. If you or your child are facing charges as a juvenile, you need to hire a skilled juvenile crime attorney as soon as possible.

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