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Being accused of any crime is never a comfortable experience but being accused of a federal crime can be especially terrifying. This is because the government can give a lot of extra resources to the prosecution to better ensure a conviction, unlike normal courts, which are not nearly as well funded. This means that any criminal matter that proceeds in a court with a federal judge and jury will be handled much differently than it would be in a state court. Therefore, those accused of federal crimes need to immediately seek a West Palm Beach federal defense lawyer.

When you are facing federal charges, Brian Pakett, our knowledgeable and experienced attorney from The Pakett Law Group, PA, can powerfully advocate for you with a wealth of understanding of exactly how federal investigations work. Even the government must adhere to a fair trial system, and we can make this happen.

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Federal Criminal Charges in Florida

What counts as a federal crime can be quite widespread in nature. For example, a normal crime increases its seriousness in nature if any of the involved, injured parties included federal agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), or against the U.S. Treasury. If you are charged with committing a crime across borders of state lines, this is often counted as a federal crime. Even using a federal agency like the U.S. Postal Service during the event of an illegal act suddenly makes a normal crime transform into a more serious federal crime.

As a result, many charges are included under federal criminal charges that get a much higher penalty on account of who they are leveled against. You may be feeling a lot of anxiety because the stakes are so high. However, we have a great success rate in a huge variety of federal criminal cases and are confident we can give you the advocacy you need.

Our firm has successfully represented and counseled many defendants accused of federal crimes, including: 

  • Bank fraud
  • Bank robbery
  • Bid rigging and political grafting
  • Federal drug charges
  • Federal drug conspiracies
  • Governmental licensing
  • Growing marijuana illegally
  • Mail fraud
  • Medicaid/Medicare fraud
  • Offenses related to computers or online actions 
  • Tax fraud
  • White-collar offenses
  • Wire fraud

Federal Grand Jury Testimony

Not only does our skilled attorney deal with federal crimes, but he is highly experienced in helping any clients who have been asked to stand in front of a federal grand jury. When you are required to testify in this scenario, there is often no judge, and you are asked to respond to every single question unless it is a case of obvious self-incrimination. Our lawyer can help you be ready to defend yourself in such a scenario by responding appropriately to questions you would be asked.

Why You Need a West Palm Beach Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

When it comes to having a strong defense for your federal crime accusation, you need a lot more than any criminal defense attorney. While there are plenty of good lawyers out there, most are not ready to handle federal courts or crimes, since cases for these are much rarer. When you are in the worrisome position of facing a charge of a federal nature, you can count on our federal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach, Florida, to offer the defense you need.

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